Home Kitchen Cleaning

Don't let dirty kitchens put your family's health at risk. Get the deep clean and the consistent care you need to keep your kitchen hygienic and looking its best with our professional kitchen cleaning service. Our team of experienced technicians have all the latest technology and equipment to ensure your kitchen is in top condition. Trust us to provide the highest quality of care and give your kitchen the clean it deserves.

Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

Having a clean kitchen hood improves the air circulation in your kitchen. It can help in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning which is harmful to you and your family. Likewise, a clean kitchen hood can help in improving the efficiency of your kitchen equipment and may lower your energy bills.

A poorly maintained kitchen exhaust duct is one of the causes of a fire outbreak in the kitchen, as the accumulated grease, dirt, and oil in the ducting system provide fuel for the spread of flames. It is advisable to have the kitchen exhaust cleaning done as fire prevention besides ensuring the hygiene of the food preparation process.

Benefits of Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

● Reducing the risk of fire hazards
● Adhering to fire, health and safety guidelines to promote safety
● Increased efficiency of the exhaust system
● Saving energy whilst running the system
● Longevity of the system
● Cleaner environment
● Fresher atmosphere
● Preservation of fixtures, furniture and fittings
● Unclogged cooking exhaust filters

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