Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to clean all types of carpet without the use of water. Our Dry Carpet Cleaning is simple, reliable, environmentally responsible and above all economical, we do the hard work for you, reducing your labour, downtime and waste.

Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

• Waterless cleaning = zero downtime. Carpets can be in use during and immediately after cleaning
• Suitable for use on all carpet types including wool, sisal and coir
• The products within the system have been independently tested and approved by Woolsafe
• Suitable for both spot or deep cleaning in large or small areas
• Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine acts a pile lifter to restore crushed carpets
• The system is waterless so eliminates the risk of damp, colour running, shrinkage, expansion, mildew and damp odours
• Uses an environmentally responsible, non-toxic and safe 100% biodegradable cleaning compound
• Suitable for cleaning on raised access flooring

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